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Tamás Kiss

Kiss, the Story

Passion Fruit geschnitten

I am Tamás Kiss, I have established my own restaurant in Vienna and I cook & bake with passion that you can taste. 

I have more than 25 years of professional experience and have worked in well-known restaurants in Stuttgart, Austria and Vienna. I have also attended a number of cooking courses around the world and represented gastronomy at the Chefs Olympics, European Championships and World Championships. At the age of 28, I received a Master's degree from the Gastronomic Association.

Specialising in Hungarian and Mediterranean cuisine, I have since developed my own international style, bringing together the best I have learned in my professional years. Currently, I keep up with international trends and pass on the best knowledge in Vienna.

Today I am very happy to be able to use my experience in Vienna, Austria, in diplomatic services and private events, where I am responsible for leadership, planning and organisation. The most beautiful thing is to work with many people of different nationalities and to share space and experiences with different chefs and students.

Cocktails in einen Tisch

Cooking competitions


Best Austrian Hospitality

Prize for the best cold starter


Salon Culinarie Mondail

European Competition in Basel - Bronze Medal


Olympics of the Kitchen

Olympiad Competition in Erfurt - Bronze Medal


Expogast Culinary World Cup

World Championship in Luxembourg - Bronze Medal

My values

Table with fresch veggetables

 My services 

 As a professional chef I offer the following services 

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